The New Change in Healthcare

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The New Change There are many problems in the World today. Some solvable and some impossible to solve- but as humans, we can only try our best to come up with resolutions to solve the problems. In the U.S, people recognize the problems with healthcare insurance, but most people are not concerned about changing it. They would rather maintain the current healthcare because people are scared that the change will make the situation worse. For years now, the U.S has been fighting the issues within the problem of healthcare insurance. Therefore the two main causes for preventing every citizen in the U.S from getting healthcare insurance is unemployment and high cost. Throughout the years in the U.S, there have been proposals to solve providing healthcare to citizens. One recent proposal that has occurred in present day is the Obamacare plan. The Obamacare plan is called the “Affordable Care Act”. This care act is more affordable and helpful to people. It is intended to make sure that everyone is taken care of no matter how old. Not everyone understands that with this plan everyone benefits, but some people still are against the plan because they feel that everyone should not get the same treatment because they are higher than others. The Obamacare is great, because it is supposed to help everyone out. People who don’t currently have healthcare insurance and people who have pre-existing conditions who have trouble getting insurance. One of the ways Obamacare will accomplish
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