The New City of Culture Initiative

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The objective of this report is to inform about the new City of Culture initiative and to outline what it means for Limerick City as a cultural location, now and in the future. Limerick City is the first city in Ireland to hold the title of National City of Culture, which was launched as part of a new cultural initiative by Minister for Arts and Heritage, Jimmy Deenihan, and the Government. A city in Ireland will be selected as a National City of Culture every two years, with the designation itself lasting a full calendar year. The aim of the initiative is to deliver a program of cultural events for that year with the hope that it will have a long-term positive effect on the chosen city.
The appointment of Limerick as the first National City of Culture in 2014 is an important opportunity to enhance the city’s image. Following the launch of the initiative, Limerick City and County Councils brought together a team to deliver a high-quality program of events which lead to the appointment of the city as the City of Culture for 2014. Promoting knowledge and awareness of the culture in Limerick is an important part of cultural development, providing a link between the city’s past and future. Appreciation of the unique culture of Limerick leads to a sense of identity and belonging among the community. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the quality of life of the people of Limerick and the city’s visitors. Local artists, organisations and civic groups
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