The New Concept Of The Internet Of Things ( Iot ) And Iot Security

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Computer viruses and other malicious software have caused major issues for individuals and organizations. Computer hackers have become so ingenious at spreading viruses and destructive malware that they can track almost all activity the computer via the internet. Therefore, computer or intrusion detection software and tools are required to prevent computer criminals from spreading viruses that intrude and wreak havoc on our personal computers and our professional industries and organizations. This paper will evaluate some of the tools that have been created to detect computer viruses. This paper will provide an analysis and summary of some of these tools and their effectiveness of the design. Individuals and organizations both have the opportunity to use Cloud Computing. And, for this reason, this paper will briefly review the new concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT Security.
Computer Virus Detection Tools (Muhanty & Rao, (2008)) Describe the act of computer intrusion as any unauthorized attempt to access or damage or malicious use of information resources (Muhanty & Rao, (2008)). According to (Muhanty & Rao, (2008)), Intrusion detection deals with fast detection of unwanted violations in system 's normal behavior due to illegal actions (attacks) carried out by malicious users (Muhanty & Rao, (2008)). Individuals and organizations who use computers and the internet will need to have protection to keep their personal computers,
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