The New Day For America

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According The Center for Responsive Politics, as of January 31, 2016, Kasich raised a total of $15.3 million across all affiliated campaign committees and has not self-financed (2016). Given this amount, Kasich is ranked 12th out of all the 2016 presidential candidates and was close to the national average of $19.3 million (Fugleberg and Thompson 2016). Kasich for America, his official committee, raised $8.4 million with $7.4 million of that coming from “large” individual contributions (Center for Responsive Politics 2016). Arnsdorf notes that on the eve of the Iowa Caucus, Kasich had “just $1.4 million in the bank after a spending spree in January” (2016). Unlike some other candidates, Kasich only has one Super PAC, The New Day for…show more content…
However, after an independently wealthy celebrity and two established federal candidates were identified by the voters as frontrunners, the fundraising strategy needed to adjust and aggressively seek donations instead of waiting for them to come. Kasich, like his debate style, chose to lay in wait for the opportunity to strike and make his presence known, but he is just being outspent and is getting outpaced (Everett 2016). Not everyone, especially potential donators, share Kasich’s optimism and do not want to spend money on a perceived lost cause. Especially, with Trump dominating the election and media cycles enhancing his first-place lead. With that being said, Kasich and his campaign managers are being exceptionally frugal and cost efficient with their limited funds (Levinson 2016). Their budgeting skills and ability to save money for ads in New Hampshire and in the Super Tuesday states may be a source of Kasich’s optimism. They were acutely aware from the beginning that they would not receive money on the level of Clinton or Cruz until Super Tuesday at the earliest. So, they have done an exceptional job keeping Kasich in fourth place on a twelfth place budget. Traditional Media Following the New Hampshire primary, Kasich hired Republican media consultant Rex Elsass to assist Fred Davis in overseeing the campaign’s television ads
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