The New Deal : A Success At Tackling The American Economic And Social Problems During The 1930 ' S

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In the years 1933 to 1939, America was set with new government programs established by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Within Roosevelt’s first Hundred Days, he established a plan that would bring America out of crisis. This program was called, The New Deal, and had three goals: relief, recovery, and reform. This goals, the 3 R’s were short-ran goals for relief and immediate recovery, as well as, long-term goals for permanent recovery and reform. Ultimately, the main goal of the New Deal was to bring America out of the Great Depression and prevent something like this from happening again. The question is, was the big deal a success at tackling the American economic and social problems during the 1930’s? Although the New Deal did not…show more content…
This program is one of the most successful and enduring policies created by FDR and the New Deal. The CCC was the model for future state and federal conservation programs, it also provided an example of what the government could do to improve its nation’s parks, as well as economy. The CCC was not the only government program created by the New Deal that put people to work. The Works Progress Administration(WPA), like the CCC, was a government run program that created work while checking items off America’s to-do list. Workers in the WPA built schools, hospitals, and other public works buildings. Since this was a government run organization, these jobs were long term and were able to aid in the recovery of the economy. Another goal of the New Deal was recovery. To FDR and his administration, recovery meant fixing the economic problems, such as the insolvent banks. To combat this problem, Roosevelt declared a Bank Holiday, which stopped the panic immediately. He also created the Emergency Banking Act, which closed the insolvent banks and only reopened the solvent ones, creating a better financial system. This was a major relief measure and was crucial to the effectiveness of the New Deal. Without the extra aid given to banks who just needed a little more, these banks would too have closed, creating an even tighter economy. To

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