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Through out the history of the United States and the world for that matter, there have been many ideas and laws that were considered revolutionary at time, meaning they were thought to be groundbreaking and completely new. However, this conception is often a mistake; many of these ideas are simply evolutions of previous and forgotten notions. This means that they were not truly avant-garde but actually just older ideas that changed and developed over the years. Two major political plans of the early 20th century that were considered revolutionary but in reality proved to be very evolutionary were Truman's Fair Deal and the Great Society. Both were at first thought to be very new and radical. However, upon closer inspection it is clear that…show more content…
Robert Sherwood accounts, "Roosevelt's methods of administration-typified in his handling of the work relief organization-were, to say the least, unorthodox" (American Spirit pg335.) His New Deal was very opportunistic, supporting the expansion of federal government, the adoption of new ideas and the encouragement of humanitarian ideas. The plan proposed relief for the needy, recovery of a stable economic platform, and long-range reform of economic agencies and institutions. In order to help the needy, the New Deal's relief policies set up various government agencies between 1933 and 1935. The Civilian Conservation Corps was created in order to employ men in the fields of conservation and reforestation. Ultimately, this organization employed over 2.5 million young men. Two more agencies created were the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Civil Works Administration, both headed by Harry Hopkins, a promising social worker. They together spent more that $2 billion on doles and work relief between the same two years. Harold Smith says of the immense scale of the New Deal's spending, "when I look back, I can really begin to see the size of his programs. They were by for the largest and most complex programs that any president put through" (American Spirit pg336.) The Home Owners Loan Corporation was also established in order to assist thousands of property owners and lending agencies. The

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