The New Deal Forever Changed The Federal Governments

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The New Deal forever changed the Federal Governments ' relationship with the American people. More than one-quarter of the American workforce was unemployed by 1932. When Roosevelt took office in January, 1933, he aimed to restore dignity and prosperity to the American people. The New Deal was comprised of three main points, to provide assistance to needy Americans, to improve the level of the economy , and to pass laws to eradicate poverty and unemployment. Many referred to this as the three R 's - Recovery, Relief and Reform.

Key Initiatives:

1). Ended Prohibition through ratification of the 21st Amendment.

2). Tennessee Valley Authority Act signed into law. This allowed the government to build dams along the Tennessee River to control flooding and generate inexpensive hydroelectric power for the people of the region

3). Agricultural Adjustment Act - Farmers were paid to allow their crops to fallow which ended the agricultural surplus and increased prices

4). National Industrial Recovery Act - gave workers the right to unionize, bargain for higher wages and better working conditions, and established the federally funded Public Works Administration

5). Glass-Steagall Banking Bill

6). Home Owners ' Loan Act

Even though all this good was occurring, it was through the second New Deal that the most long lasting and greatest changes occurred.

The creation of the WPA ( Works Progress Administration) not only provided jobs for the unemployed but also
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