The New Deal : The United States And The American People

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The New Deal The 1930’s was a decade filled with economic crisis, a loss of prosperity and crucial challenges that have called for problematic times in American history. The Great Depression, which started in 1929 and ended in the early 1940’s, was a relentless global economic collapse that had numerous catastrophic effects on American society. Throughout the course of American history, many distinct presidents have made significant decisions regarding the progression of the United States and the American people. However, according to Give Me Liberty by Eric Foner, Herbert Hoover was to blame for the “excessive government spending,” and was known for his attempts to be weak and futile. During the largest economic crisis our country has ever faced, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president because of his promising plan of “The New Deal.” His goal was to make America prosperous again. This new change sparked optimism and assurance and provided hope for the future throughout the United States. This new plan focused on economic recovery, economic security and promoting freedom. The New Deal was overall beneficial to American society and helped them to cope with the Great Depression. The New Deal was a series of economic programs put into action in hope of working towards stabilizing the United States and assist in promoting the return of peace and prosperity to the American people. The American society relied heavily on Roosevelt’s vow in which he guaranteed that every man…
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