The New Definition Of Racism Essay

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The New Definition of Racism in a Post-Obama America Racial discrimination has persisted in American societies from the oppressiveness of servitude to lawful seclusion. Digressing in severity, Americans are presently burdened with the modern manifestation of those years of racial intolerance and prejudice - a new definition of racism. While slavery and lawful segregation, such as Jim Crow Laws, are a thing of the past – by less than a century – racism is still an intrinsic societal problem that has subliminally permeated American culture. A 1947 study to determine the racial preference of “Negro” children exemplified the preference Caucasian and African American children, of all skin pigmentations, had for white baby dolls, which were inherently more beautiful and desirable (Clark and Clark p. 169-78). Variations of this study repeated as late as 2010, show little improvement of this perception that a white baby doll is more desirable and attractive than a colored baby doll (Cooper). In a historic 2008 election cycle, Barack Obama became the first African American president of the United States of America, but only two years later a repeated study on the racial preferences of children correlates powerfully with the original study in 1947. While a majority of all child participants, especially the younger children, in the recent 2010 study identified darker skin colors negatively, they were unable to provide justification for their answer beyond the restatement of the
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