The New East Bridgewater Junior Senior High School

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In September of 2013, the new East Bridgewater Junior Senior High School opened it’s doors for the very first time welcoming students from grades 7 - 12. After reorganization of the three schools in the district, it was decided that the seventh and eighth grade would move from the middle school into the new building. Although the building was beautiful and filled with the latest technology, a wave of negative thoughts and expectations about how the school and the school district functions engulfed the staff. A divide slowly but surely formed between the middle school teachers and the the high school teachers, new policies, programs, and technical changes were implemented with few explanations or input, and administration became as distant…show more content…
The staff does not trust the central office and because the administration is an extension of the central office, staff does not trust their own building administration. As Lencioni shares in his book “Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, trust is the foundation of any team. It is the base of his theoretical pyramide and a key component to buy-in and goal attainment. Currently, there is no trust. There has to be a mutual reflection on both the staff and administration’s part on certain values such as knowledge, community, growth, respect, recognition, and trust. If not, sadly there has been talk about work to rule within the staff and its union and votes of no-confidence have been whispered throughout the hallways. Administration has to deal with this issue before it comes to be a dilemma.
The leadership dilemma comes from one of the hardships to a key aspect of creating a High Performance Organization (H.P.O.); having a demoralized staff. Having a staff that is not susceptible to your ideas on how to create positive change, a staff who is unhappy with the school climate and culture, ultimately affects everything including those positive alterations that could be done. Students and teachers are the most important part of a school and essentially there is no buy in from either party due to this lack of understanding. To progress on any other future plans, this issue needs to be addressed immediately.
Politically, the administrator has a potential problem
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