The New Electronic Health Record System

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The Henry Ford Health System has currently acquired another hospital system from the Jackson area, thus creating a six-hospital affiliate system ("Henry Ford Health," 2016). Upon further review of the electronic health record programs, the board of directors have come to the conclusion that there must be a new electronic health record system developed that will link the medical records amongst all of the various hospitals. Quality of care is what the Henry Ford Health system strives for, thus, there must be interoperability amongst our hospitals. The new electronic health record system will have the following data systems: management information systems, decision support systems, executive information systems, expert system, and knowledge management system to ensure patient quality care and interoperability amongst all the hospitals. The implementation for the new electronic record system is expected to take approximately three years, so that information systems office can handle the testing stages of the new system. The Henry Ford Health system has had much success with our new billing program that links all the patient accounts within our hospital system. Subsequently, the board of directors believes that the implementation of our new electronic health record will be a smashing success, which will lower the chance of a patient having to repeat the same medical testing. The first data system that the electronic health record must have is the management information systems.
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