The New Emerging Crime : Cyberstalking Or Tech Enhanced Stalking

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The new emerging crime known as cyberstalking or tech enhanced stalking is sweeping the twenty-first century. The term cyberstalking is any form of unwanted communication across the Internet including texting and social media. The fact is that the problem of cyberstalking is rapidly growing in this technology dependent society. The problem with cyberstalking is the lack of international law against cyberstalking making it hard to convict or even charge offenders with these crimes. Additionally is the negative stigma placed on victims and the wide amount of public information on the Internet that is easily accessible to criminals as they stalk and follow their victims. This paper describes how confusing these laws are as well as first hand accounts and statistics detailing how common these crimes are and how many people have fallen victim even without their knowledge. It is believed that by alerting the public of this crime as well as making a uniform law is the key to stopping this crime and growing as a society.

Cyberstalking is a relatively new concept but it is taking the world with storm. While there is no concrete definition for cyberstalking, many different law enforcement agencies have all developed a similar definition for this concept. “[Cyberstalking is] the use of the Internet, e-mail, or other electronic communications devices to stalk another person.” (Attorney General 1999) Additionally it also goes into defining what constitutes as

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