The New England Colonies And Southern Colonies

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The New World was divided into three parts known as the New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, and Southern Colonies. These colonies were established for many reasons to benefit the settlers who were coming from countries around the world. Most of their motives were similar, but others were very different. Specifically, the New England Colonies and the Southern were similar and different in many aspects concerning their religion, politics, and economics. The New England Colonies differed from the Southern colonies in their religious practices. In the New England Colonies religion played a major defining role in all aspects of their lives while the Southern colonies did not take religion into consideration quite as much. The establishment of the New England colonies was different from the South because their main objective was to establish safe places for those fleeing England from possible religious persecutions. In the book, A Patriot’s History, the authors stated, "But the Pilgrims rightly hold a place of high esteem in America history, largely because unlike Virginia settlement in the New World solely in the name of their Christian faith" (Schweikart, Allen, 2004, pg. 31). The New World was established with religious motives. Roger Williams and his supporters founded Rhode Island in 1636 with the goal of finding land where they could practice their own religion with separation of church from state. During the establishment of the southern colonies like those of
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