The New England Patriots: Making the Team Essay

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American football is one of the most popular games played and followed in United States. Many believe it to be No. 1 sport in North America and take it as religion than sports. It is dream of majority of youngster to pursue their careers in American football, as it is source of wealth and glory. To attain a successful career one has to play this game before he is 14. He has to be part of High School League, College League, and eventually National Football League (NFL). NFL is the highest level of professional American football in United States. There are 32 teams at any time playing for NFL. Although NFL hosts several games all round the year but Super Bowl is undoubtedly the most popular game of the year. It is the champion ship game…show more content…
Free agents demand for very high compensation and this takes away major chunk of available salary. Every team has to come up with good balance of rookies and veterans to meet salary cap. From players’ perspective, in order to be compensated heavily they will go with the team who has fewer star performers. This can result in fewer victories under their belt, and can defame them in fewer seasons. This can also lead to short career timeframes. To rebuild damaged reputation players will quite often take less paying contracts from top performing teams. Such players will always work towards switching teams when lured with better packages. This will lead to higher attrition rate. This will also damage loyalty of players for teams and teams will face hard time retaining top performers. Salary Cap will also affect motivation of the players if they do not get what satisfy them. They will be majorly playing towards maximizing their wealth rather than wining and keeping the spirit of the game alive. Patriots’ Compensation System With constrains from salary cap every NFL team have to think beside financial incentives to compensate players. Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots coach, altered his approach to incentivize players. He eliminated larger salary gaps among players, as he believed that it is hard build motivation in player being paid $350,000 where as other guy is being paid $10 million. With this approach, he could not retain

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