The New England 's New World

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Essay 1 In order to practice religious freedoms, Puritans fled from England to the New World. The New World represented potential and freedoms that were unattainable in England. The New England settlers overcame adversities and created challenges that would go on to change the course of history. When they first arrived, their inexperience was shown through the death of nearly half their colony in the first year. The introduction of the Wampanoag tribe to the New England colony was such a crucial component to their survival and a primary reason they were able to sustain and even increase their population. The New England colony proved to be successful in establishing a necessary relationship with the Wampanoag, thriving through their protestant work ethic, and ultimately creating a stable settlement; however, they failed when it came to maintaining that stable relationship with the Wampanoag, their lack of experience in the New World, and the hypocritical tendencies of their actions. When the Pilgrims first arrived, they were not hesitant about claiming land and getting right to work. Their protestant work ethic ensured that they worked hard because there was a high moral obligation to fulfill ones duty in worldly affairs. Worldly success is a sign of God’s favor, so when they landed upon an abandoned Indian village they took it as a sign from God that they were on the right path and were being rewarded. They established communities of family farmers, which proved to be
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