The New Era 1997 : How Do We Make The Most Of Them?

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I have always tried to make the most out of life and enjoy every day. Some days are easy to enjoy while others seem to drag on for what seems like eternity. Looking back on it I find the days that I have a lot of fun and really enjoy are the ones that are care free with nothing really going on. The ones that are hard always have difficulty or challenges that make it hard to have a positive attitude, and make the most out of life. This made me wonder why in life do we have trials, and how do we make the most of them? In the New Era 1997 Questions and Answer article a young man posed a question “I’ve had a hard life even though I’m just a teenager. Why have all these bad things happened to me and my family? It seems like the other…show more content…
This doesn’t mean trials will be absent from your life, instead by understanding God, though scriptures, and prayer you will know what role trials play in your life. Marvin J. Ashton gave a talk on Jan 21, 1975 titled what shall we do then? Like the New Era talk, Marvin J. Ashton also explains how we all experience a lot of different trials in life but he claims “What we do with what happens to us is more important than what happens to us. We all know that there are uncontrollable events that happen in life. Marvin J. Ashton gives one example of the BYU football team se says “After much preparation and prayer for our first football bowl game, why did the Lord allow our first-string quarterback to receive injuries early in the contest and reduce our chances of victory as millions of viewers looked on? It could have been such a great missionary tool.” He goes on to explain how the best way to answer this question was to review the facts yes, the first-string quarter back did injure himself in the first quarter. What do we do now? Do we quiet? No, they put in a less experienced quarter back they rallied to gather they fought harder, and kept on pressing forward. What Marvin J. Ashton saw on the field was determination, and maturity. The men representing the school that day knew what to do and they did it. This was still a great missionary tool for many missionaries to use. This event happened and more
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