The New Era Of Musical Expression

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As the dawn of the 19th century approached, culture, art, expression, and society were evolving at extraordinary rates. The people were starving for a new revolutionary leap in musical expression with the age of Classical Period becoming an item of the past. With this ravenousness desire for new music came the development and creation of what is known as the Romantic Period from approximately 1810-1900. This new epoch established generations of new music advancement as composers, performers, and artists setout to create a new legacy of music development with the ideas of emotion, expression, and enlightenment through the conception of beautiful art.
Referred to as “Romanticism,” this new era of musical expression vastly altered the tradition of music. With the socio-political landscape of the 19th century immeasurably transformed in comparison to the previous period, fresh revolutions of social orders, lifestyles, and thinking processes greatly impacted the progress of the Romantic Period’s culture. Due to the newly found forms of expression, composers shattered the traditional music standards set fourth by the previous generation in favor of a more emotional-based musical depth over the prevalent Classical forms. During the next century, composers and artists of all backgrounds sought to create masterful artworks based on the ideals of personal emotion expression. The term, Romanticism, thrived on its’ origin with the historic romances of the medieval times. The music…
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