The New Face And The Beer Industry

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Are microbreweries the new face to the beer industry? The real question is what is a microbrewery? Microbreweries are small business that produces a limited amount of specialty beers for local sales. Microbreweries are popping up all across the country, with new craft beers taking over taps. Michigan alone has over a hundred different breweries. The economic system is on a rise, because of the new style of beer coming to supermarkets and party stores. There are also new jobs being created by the tourism of all the new tap houses opening up. Microbreweries is a new business that is making changes to alcohol production, it is creating jobs, boosting the economy, and demolishing the monopolization of the beer industry. There are many…show more content…
There are many different styles that can be created by what ingredients are used, the amount of hops, and the fermentation rate. Microbrews have become an upgraded business that started a few centuries ago in Michigan. Beer creation has been around since the early centuries. The first law that was created about beer was the “Purity Law”. It was created in 1516 in Bavaria. “This law states that beer can only be made with barley, hops, and water. Later the law was revised and introduced wheat and yeast.” (Craft Beer Timeline) Michigan played a major part and started creating brews in 1829. It was sought out by a French man named Alexis de Tocqueville. The first type of beer brewed in Michigan was a dark robust ale. But by the 1840s there were German influences that made Michiganders create German style lagers. “Through the 1840s to the early 1880s the most common brewery was the mom and pops operations serving just a small clientele’’ (200 years). At this time, the business was only on draft that was usually created by pub owners in the back of the saloons. Soon after this bottled beer was introduced and larger companies began using multilevel breweries to handle the demand of the consumers. In the article, 200 Years of Michigan Beer, “Prohibition hit hard for Michigan. The state started a ban on alcohol sales and consumption three years before the nationwide ban. Larger companies tuned to different means to keep up the businesses.
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