The New Face Of The 20 Dollar Bill

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Harriet Tubman the new face of the 20 Dollar Bill Harriet Tubman’s face should be the one on the 20 dollar bill. Not only would this change women’s history, but it would change African Americans history too. There has never been a female on our currency let alone a black one. Harriet Tubman devoted her life towards the demolition of slavery, she has been someone people look up to because she has inspired many from her struggle of equality and civil rights, and she is one of the most notable figures that still to this very day stands out in the history. Harriet Tubman should be on the 20 dollar bill because it would change the aspect of how women are viewed. Harriet Tubman was a leader not only in her society, but also in war, and finally she should be on the bill because, she has a moral value and cares for all people who were enslaved. First off the language used to identify women and their decisions in the U.S. promotes stereotypes. If a woman has an opinion, she’s called bossy or overbearing. If a man is bossy, he’s just taking care of business. America has been a segregated country for so long. It has only been recently where we have decided to create equal rights. Even up till today we still don’t have equal rights. Women still get paid less than men do and are looked down upon in many societies. Carden, Dan who interviewed Brooks for a newspaper stated, “It’s time for our currency to better show the diversity of the nation we live in, For too long, millions of
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