The New Frenzies of Youth

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The new frenzies of youth
To check Facebook account, chat on Skype, forward messages and make calls on cell phone, these are the most favorite activities of new generation. Everyone is not involved in these frenzy activities but majority are addicted of it. To change status at very second, to upload pictures of every event, forward funky sms whole day and the most joyful and enjoyed activity by youngsters is dating.
Nowadays having a girlfriend or boyfriend is in fashion if you have no girlfriend or boy friend, your fellow and friends see you with a weird eye. As the world is becoming a global village thus; the world is shrinking, to make a gf or bf is not a difficult job or you can that your gf or bf is sitting at a distance of a phone call or sms. The simple phenomenon use by both girls and boys is dialing a wrong number if the person on other side is girl so it’s a jackpot and if a strong and solid voice pours iron in ear than boys usually disconnect the call, another trick that young blood plays is to send wrong sms on wrong numbers, its very simple and most money saving trick but its very risky if the person reply than don’t feel so happy as the person on other side may be a boy or a girl it’s the boy’s luck but there are many gamblers present who plays and takes such risks and get successful also. On the other hand, Girls don’t have to do much hard work in this game as boys approach them.
China mobile’s features are playing vital role in it as they got options to
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