The New Frontier

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The business of today have evolved to a whole new frontier. The new frontier is no longer a physical interface, but has shifted towards the internet scene. The internet offers many new advantages, and because of this, it has drawn an increasing number of aspiring entrepreneurs. For my business, I would take full advantage of the fortune of having the internet at my disposal, and follow the path of creating an online retailer primarily focused on clothing, and fashion. I am fully aware of the fact that there are numerous online retailers that are currently available, and that competition will be fierce. Because of this, I will need to use everything that I have learned so far in the business world in order to distinguish myself from me competitors. The initial step for starting my business would be for me to study from successful online retailers, and try to analyze the reason behind their success. I will then use this knowledge to apply it to my own site. Although it will be challenging, I will try my best to satisfy my customers by being reliable, and committed. After all, Amazon’s success can be primarily attributed towards the excellent relationship, and commitment that they have towards their customers. As mentioned before, it is important that I take advantage of the technological advances that have become available to my generation. As many successful e-retailers have done, I will create an official account on various social media platforms such as Instagram,
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