The New Gang Reform Program

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On May 17th, 1912 the city of Chandler was founded in the heat of the Arizona desert. This Phoenix suburban town is home to approximately 250,000 citizens. Unfortunately, youth street gangs have been recently developing and causing a spike in criminal activity in this once safe community. Gang related violence and criminal activity drastically impacts the security of Chandler’s businesses and community members. Our community has been the victim of drive-by shootings, vehicle thefts, drugs, homicides, and other gang related criminal activity. The city of Chandler has had enough of criminal activity happening in our community. It is absolutely essential that a gang reform program is implemented in order to prevent and break this violent gang cycle. Community members, business owners, and school officials are aware of the elevated gang related criminal activity and as the head of the new gang reform program, I hope to implement new strategic programs. The gang reform program will be a three-tiered program consisting of evidence-based prevention strategies, early interventions programs, and necessary follow-up methods. It is estimated that this gang reform program will cost nearly one million dollars for implementation and startup of the gang reform program for 2016.
The gang reform program will consist of three phases: (1) prevention, (2) intervention, and (3) follow-up. These phases will solely and primarily be focused on youths in Chandler. The primary goal of phase one,
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