The New Generation Essay

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The New Generation Are the youth simply throwing their lives down a long and winding pipeline which leads to nothing but an empty space somewhere in this prodigious yet opportunistic world we live in? It’s a question one must think about now that the new generation has decided to place their priorities in an order which astounds all. If we were to put aside the priorities of less importance, such as homework for example, or eating healthily, or even taking an interest in what happens in the real world, we are left with the most essential decisions a teenager may have to make. What to wear, who to send a text message to next and most importantly which coloured contact lenses will look best.…show more content…
With new and improved technology, competition arises. However this feel good factor of owning a mobile telephone does not exceed the fact that because of excessive text messaging, major health risks are emerging. Experts have stated that repeating the same movement could lead to repetitive strain injury, where you damage your muscles and tendons. This same argument is used in relation to a computer keyboard, whilst on the internet, or playing games. Furthermore, it is claimed by psychologists that the regular use of text messaging or e-mailing can reduce your IQ level more than twice as much as it would do if you were smoking marijuana. Now this statistic evidently conveys the idea that the youth of today are truly throwing their lives away. A person who has never even dreamt of smoking or drinking, could simply be wasting their inside knowledge by the use of text messaging and e-mailing. In addition, we have all heard of addiction to alcohol or smoking and are still trying to tackle this problem. However, we may have a new case on our hands, an addiction to text messaging. As absurd as this may seem, in the past eighteen months there has been a rise in people that have a greater interest in text messaging than their own work. Symptoms of text addition include an overwhelming compulsion to send text messages, taking

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