The New Golden Age Of Television Essay

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Theodore Brown
Professor McCauley
Intro to Humanities
16 November 2016
The New Golden Age of Television
Television is so popular that it is almost a vital part of life to most people. According to the article “The Real Golden Age of Television”, the first successful demonstration of electronic television was introduced on September 7, 1927. (Handy & William). It was designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth. Charles Jenkins is also an important person to the creation of television because he created the first mechanical TV on June 23, 1925. (D’Addiro). These two men are responsible for what we have today; good quality television. Since then television has brought tears, laughter, joy, and many other memorable moments to the lives of people. Television came to its own in the 1940’s and 1950’s. During this time period television began to emerge into the households many families. This was something new to people. Never would they have thought of being able to sit in watch entertainment out of a TV screen. Then in the 1964 was the beginning of the “old” golden age of television. The reason for this claim is for the invention of color television made it more popular (Clapp). All television programs were in black and white before this unbelievable creation. This gave television viewers a better experience than the past because they were able to see things differently. Though the era was magnificent there was more to come. Time advanced into the 2000’s and so did television. Many
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