The New Groups Features And What Associations Do You Know About Each?

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A couple months ago, LinkedIn announced some pretty big changes to their Groups feature. Here’s an overview of the new Groups features and what associations need to know about each:
Member Approval in Standard Groups. When a member requests to join a Standard Group, their connections in the Group can approve the request. Group owners and managers can also approve any request to join.
Association takeaway: You no longer will be able to control who joins your Standard Groups, as any member connected with the new member will be able to approve their request to join.
Better Content Filtering. LinkedIn “has improved the filtering of spammy and low-quality content so that promotional conversations stay out of the conversation feed and conversations can happen around more relevant topics.” Also, job listings and job conversations posted to the main conversation feed are automatically moved to the Jobs tab — that is no longer optional — and even if you previously disabled this tab, it’s back.
Association takeaway: That Group you thought you owned? LinkedIn will be deciding what content belongs and doesn’t. They’ve already been doing it for a while now, moving valid posts to the Promotions tab.
If your association has its own career board and doesn’t permit job postings in its LinkedIn Group, that is no longer optional. Get ready to devote time daily to moderating job postings and discussions. If your job board is a major source of revenue, it’s time to evaluate whether the benefits…
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