The New Health Care Reform

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Lost in the New Health Care Reform In my view The Patients’ Choice Act that was introduced by Paul Ryan in 2009 would have been a better choice for the new health care reform than The Affordable Care Act. Even though there is no health care crisis of the uninsured, Ryan’s plan would have involved incentives for preventive care that could lower the cost of premiums and encourage healthier lifestyles. Under The Patients’ Choice Act, the American people retain their freedom whether to have health care or not; however the ACA has a personal mandate that requires individuals to carry health care insurance or face a fine (tax). There are consequences when people feel they have a right to health care instead of working for it. Ryan’s…show more content…
In spite of the uninsured and unseen these people, do receive free dental and medical care at temporary clinics, such as the clinic that are set up on weekends near Wise, VA (Armstrong and Wayne 1). Regardless of what some people are made to believe, health care is a privilege that you work for. Everyone as a United States citizen has the right to pursue quality health care, and this does not mean it should be given. As Peikoff says in his book, Health Care is Not a Right, “The system guarantees you the chance to work for what you want—not to be given it without effort by somebody else” (1). The government should not feed, clothe and provide health care, so the just right person can spend money on some new technology. Witnessing first-hand, working at a pharmacy, as a capable customer receives medication for free with the state plan while talking on their smart phone. This is a good example of someone taking advantage of free services. If a capable person can spend money on a smart phone and the monthly fees they are capable of paying for health insurance. The Medicaid and Medicare systems are designed for the disabled, the unfortunate and the elder; the capable citizens have the right either to obtain health care through health insurance or to pay for health care out right. Living in a free country does not mean receiving free annuities. In contrast, if everyone is guaranteed health care through the
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