The New Health Care System

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A. The Impetus for Health Reform The American current health care system is in the middle of big changes. With the emerging of new expensive and highly designed technologies, old and new professionals especially ones in managerial positions will need to understand the impetus for this change. Also, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is Emerging to the current health care system. ACA was approved with the goals of increasing the affordability and quality of health care insurance. It is also aiming to decrease the number of the uninsured citizens. Socio-Economic Values has a great impact in health care delivery. Income, education and social connectedness have been a factor why Affordable Care Act has been enacted. For…show more content…
Without it, more uninsured will be forced to go to the emergency room or local clinic. We need a national single payer plan. Most of the industrialized nations went that route years ago. It levels the playing field. Right now, the gap between rich and poor plays too big a role in the selection of a decent plan. If one takes a look at available data, it becomes apparent that the more educated a population is the higher the standard of living and the higher the quality of life is in that country. Regardless of whether or not an individual uses their post secondary education in the profession they follow or it remains that, ‘college degree’ with all the memories, four years of education where in order to succeed one must do it alone, the experience benefits all. They are ACA compliant and cannot exclude whatever health problem a subscriber already has, charge $30,000 deductibles, or suddenly increase premiums while making it impossible to change policies -- all of which were commonplace in the past, prior to January 1, 2014. It was like the cavalry coming over the hill to have insurance companies required to sell their goods at the advertised price (the old individual insurance market was essentially one big bait-and-switch game, where they advertised one price, then told you -- IF you could even get approved -- what the real, higher price would be) and, even more important, have them required to take your money and give you insurance-- a huge change. The old
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