The New Healthcare Reform Essay

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The United States healthcare system has failed Americans because the government has treated it as though only the wealthy should be taken care of. Universal Healthcare has benefited industrialized countries like Sweden, France, and Canada because they recognize the fact that healthcare should be a human right, and not a privilege. The debate continues over whether the reform will benefit the people and not put the government into greater debt while politicians are raising the constitutional flag on the reform, stating it is not constitutional to make it law that all Americans have health insurance. The issue of healthcare and what method is right for America is an important question and one that cannot be answered hastily. “Universal…show more content…
This proves that private insurers can still exist even when there is a universal plan in place. Sweden also has a health care plan similar to France and Canada. Medical providers still remain private but the government-run program funds the insurance. The maximum amount a Swede can pay in one year is $108 and $156 for prescriptions (Astor, 2010). Universal healthcare sounds like an obvious way to go yet it still has not been introduced into America. Receiving healthcare should be a basic right that all Americans deserve yet are still denied. The new reform will help with low-income citizens get the care they deserve but will still leave many uninsured. Healthcare can be considered a basic right or commerce, which it has been in the new reform. The government has the right to regulate commerce among several states and is choosing to do so with health insurance. Not always considered commerce, healthcare by private insurers who could control their companies as they pleased. Now, with the government’s involvement there are new regulations requiring taxing. The taxing of individuals and companies is what makes health insurance commerce. Should the government be allowed to control healthcare and is it against the constitution to do so? Well, in the past commerce has been identified as economic activity. Today, the reform has been inflicted because of economic inactivity (Barnett, 2010). Never before has the government made
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