The New Jersey And Virginia

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In May of 1787, individuals from each state assembled in Philadelphia, to transform the United States government into an effective and powerful nation that conducted affairs in workable ways. The delegates meeting at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787 were given consent to alter and revise the Articles of Confederation. Except for those from New Jersey and Virginia, the representatives intended to revise the Articles. The primary issue that they resolved was that of State Representation. William Paterson and his associates offered a list of suggestions for revising the Articles of Confederation in his New Jersey Plan. Paterson, a delegate from New Jersey, supported the weak national government that the Articles made. Paterson declared imbalance of the rights of the small states against the large states and wished to expand upon the Articles making a more representative and all around well-organized government. Under the Articles, Congress had no way to avert war or to provide for national security against foreign intrusion. The government could not resolve the fight between states, manage interstate exchange, collect taxes, or uphold laws. These shortcomings of the confederation distressed political leaders. Accordingly, they requested an assemblage in order to revise the Articles and restore the fledgling country. The Virginia Plan, composed by James Madison and proposed by Edmund Randolph presented a government separated into three branches of
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