The New Jersey Bear Hunt

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When you think of the word bear what comes to mind? Some people may possible think of Yogi the bear or Smoky the bear. However, society sets up a positive connotation for bears though in reality they are quite aggressive animals. Since this is a reality, New Jersey along with others states set up hunting seasons. The New Jersey bear hunt is in two different segments, A and B. Segment A is held within October fifth to the tenth and segment B is December fifth to the tenth. In 2015 there were 472 bears killed within segment A while, 38 were killed in segment B. The bear hunt in New Jersey is largely located in the northern counties. Bear hunting is a necessity in order to prevent the overpopulation of the species. Bear hunting is an extremely dangerous activity for one to partake in. There are many precautions one must take in order to successfully kill a bear. Although bears are typically calm creatures they can become extremely aggressive and dangerous if threatened. Therefore, one must be aware of their surroundings at all times and ready for any encounter. Normally bears are baited using some kind of container cut open with fruit and other strong smelling foods to draw the bears in. Though dangerous bear hunting does also provide a considerable amount of food for a family. Those you hunt typically do so in order to obtain the meat from the animal. A typical black bear weighs about 240 pounds on average. Though not all of that weight is eatable much of it
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