The New Jim Crow And Lockdown

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In a colorblind era, many people find themselves in a blissful thought that all individuals are equal yet the typical case is for individuals to have a fair amount of both privileges and disadvantages due our biased society. The second chapter of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, Lockdown, offers insight into the injustice that can occur to people of color when being searched by police officers under the guise of random searches. Comparable texts to Alexander’s “Lockdown” in The New Jim Crow are Allan G. Johnson’s Privilege, Power, and Difference and Michael Omi and Howard Winant’s Racial Formations which discuss in detail both race and privilege which are key components that contribute to a person’s likelihood of being “randomly searched” by police officers. In The New Jim Crow, Alexander addresses our lack of comprehension of our rights as an important factor in why targeted groups by police may sometimes run into legal troubles despite being avoidable issues. Johnson’s Privilege, Power, and Difference addresses our naivete towards our individual privileges in society as an important factor that solely contributes to why the system of privilege has been able to continue in the United States and other nations. Meanwhile, Omi and Winant’s Racial Formations addresses the fact that race is a construct created as a method of separating those who were free and who were enslaved, not as a mere name that established our origins in a manner that pertained to individuals. As a
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