The New Jim Crow, By Michelle Alexander

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What are some ways that we welcome back ex cons into society if we do at all? What help determined our attitude towards these incrassated victims whether they are guilty or not? These are questions and situations that sociologist take time to research in society. This is mainly done because it affects society in some sort of way and it’s their job to find out why things happen and how can we help better the problems. Most offenders are from a lower income society or belong to an oppress group. The victims of coarse are the people who the harm is being done to, which by law there are consequences for their action. The problem, that leave one thinking is the kind of crimes people committed, or some may not commit any at all, probably just at the wrong place at the wrong time and they still happen to receive harsh penalty, being stigmatize as a criminal on record causing them to struggle in society.
Michelle Alexander author of The New Jim Crow, whose specialty, are racial profiling, racism in the United States and race in the criminal justice system, revealed how the government incarceration system is set up for failure, especially for the oppressed minorities in society. “Observers have referred to the advent of mass imprisonment as “The New Jim Crow” because the devastating racial impact of imprisonment effectively isolates black poor men from economic, social, and civic life (Alexander 2011). First, society has allowed the government to
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