The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander

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The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander’s the new Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness examine the Jim Crow practices post slavery and the mass incarceration of African-American. The creation of Jim Crows laws where used as a tool to promote segregation among the minority and white American. Michelle Alexander’s the new Jim Crow Mass takes a look at Jim Crow laws and policies were put into place to block the social progression African-American from the post-slavery to the civil rights movement. Fast-forward to 2008 the election of Barack Obama certified that African-Americans where no longer viewed as second-class citizens instead African-Americans are equal to their white counterparts. However, Michelle Alexander (2012) points out that Jim Crow has reappeared in the form of mass incarceration and this legal form of incarceration is a mirror image of the Jim Crow laws post slavery. Michelle Alexander draws conclusion from the Ronald Reagan Administration’s War on Drugs campaign which created stiffer laws that where unequally distributed between black and white drug offenders given white offenders the lesser of the sentence. Michelle Alexander (2012) suggests this was the seed that was planted strategically to create fear that there was a war going on in America’s backyard. Once the War on Drugs was announced the media monopolize on the campaign depicting drug-related crime with African-American faces. Meanwhile political figures capitalizing on the War
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