The New Jim Crow Laws

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In the book the New Jim Crow Laws there is racial discrimination on the African American people in the American society. What is racial discrimination? It is refusing somebody based on race. In the United States we have been racial discriminate on the African American people and that is what cause the south and north to go civil wat was because slavery and racism that existed and even still to this day. In the south the black were less and treated unequal to them historically even today were are still experiencing a civil rights movement. In the recent years society had a civil right movement when Obama become the first black president in history in the 2008 and still serving until 2016. In this book is comparing the pre Jim Crow laws to Current the Jim Crow laws.
Analysis of the Book New Jim Crow Laws
This book the new Jim Crow Laws in a modern version of to kill mocking a bird. In the book killing a mocking bird Atticus is a white lawyer. He is representing a black man during that 1960’s when the Jim Crow Laws existed. The Jim Crow Laws were laws written to separate the blacks and whites in the public areas this meant African Americans could not use the same bathroom, be at the same school, and even at to sit at the back of the bus. They had unequal opportunities and even the in government. In the book Maycomb accused Tom Robinson of rapping her. In the book Atticus and Tom Robinson could have both been lynched. The court case in the book and the jury is…

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