The New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration And Colorblindness

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Legal inequality is an injustice that people of color have been subject to for years. In the US, racial discrimination against people of color in the justice system such as mass incarceration and racial profiling generates a wide variety of public issues that influence the life possibilities of the Latino and Black communities. Laws were created in an effort to ensure the safety and stability of everyone everywhere. With that being said, however, the laws did and do not always have the best interest of certain races in mind. In the book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration and Colorblindness, Michelle Alexander discusses legal inequality in relation to race by asserting that the legal system discriminates against people of color, specifically African Americans, just like they were treated during the Jim Crow era. Legal Equality can be defined as individuals having the same resources and rights available to them equally and on the same level, regardless of race. This paper will argue that the U.S. legal system targets people of color through incarceration, the War on Drugs, and racial segregation. According to Alexander, the concept of depriving people of color has been modified over the years. During the slavery age, people of color, mainly African Americans, had limited rights and abilities that prohibited them from basic rights such as voting, owning property, and the ability to get a decent job. Obstacles such as literacy tests, intimidation by groups such as the Klu
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