The New Law : Computer Aided Manufacture ( Cad / Cam )

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In France in 1985 the term “manual and technical education” was replaced by the subject of “technology”. Currently the French curriculum revolves around two main principals: the realization of projects and data processing. The areas of reference for the realization of projects are mechanics (working of materials), electronics and management. The areas of reference for data processing are : office automation (word processing, spreadsheets, graphic packages and the use of email and the internet as a reference and for communication), computer control and computer aided manufacture (CAD/CAM).
National educational technology standards, reforms
The French Minister of Higher Education and Research, Mrs. Geneviève Fioraso, has proposed a bill that
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It has equipped 1000 primary schools with video-conferencing in order enable primary pupils to get in touch with native speaking peers in other countries. (2008-ongoing)
• PRIMTICE is a directory of several hundred teaching scenarios involving the use of ICT. The PRIMTICE portal opened in 2009 and identifies, presents and advertises digital resources and pedagogical usage scenarios for primary educators. (2004 – ongoing)
• EDUBASES is a collection of directories of several hundred teaching scenarios involving the use of ICT. It covers all disciplines and school grades from secondary school. EDUBASES are collections of resources created by teachers for teachers. (2002 – ongoing)
• The 'Digital Resources for Teaching and Learning in Schools and in Higher Education ' program supports the production and distribution of high quality digital educational content for students and teachers.
• The 'ICT Uses in Education ' program focuses on how ICT is adapted to particular school subjects at the various educational levels. It encourages various groups to produce and share the educational uses of ICT and digital learning resources.
Current Situation
Former Education Minister Luc Chatel promised a long-term plan to get more technology in classrooms and give better training to teachers. Every school in France will be equipped with high-speed internet and digital teaching equipment by 2012 to catch up with the rest of Europe. 6,000 teachers were supposed to be the first
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