The New Leader's Guide Essay

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1. Executive Summary for THIS article. Incoming CEOs and general managers don't have much time to show what they can do to improve a business's performance. Within a few years at most, leaders must find ways to boost profitability, increase market share, overtake a competitor--whatever the key tasks may be. But they can't map out specific objectives and initiatives until they have accurately assessed their companies' distinctive strengths and weaknesses and the particular threats and opportunities they face. In this article, Bain consultants Gottfredson, Schaubert, and Saenz provide a diagnostic template to help organizations figure all that out so they can decide which goals are reasonable and where to focus performance-improvement…show more content…
4. Which are the three most important BEST PRACTICES of THIS article? Please explain why? and analyze, and discuss in great detail … The first principle in our template is that costs and prices almost always decline. This may seem counterintuitive: Inflation often clouds the view, and special circumstances can sometimes drive costs and prices upward. By comparing your company’s cost curve with your industry’s price curve, you can determine whether your costs are declining at the rate necessary for your company to remain competitive. The first diagnostic questions to ask regarding this principle are “What is the slope of price change in our industry right now for the products or services we offer?” and “How does our cost curve compare with the industry’s price curve and with our competitors’ cost curves?” 5. How can you relate THIS article with the TOPICS COVERED in class? Please explain, analyze, and discuss in great detail … Successful streamlining of the processes produces several mutually reinforcing benefits. It increases efficiency, allowing a company to reduce head count and its costs. Streamlining also cuts down on errors and rework. It reduces cycle time, enabling the company to deliver the product or service to the customer significantly faster and enhancing customer loyalty. More-loyal customers are likely to order more, generating growth and increasing the possibilities for still greater economies in production or
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