The New Left / Hippie Movement

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Struggle for Equality
Stansell (2010) noted, early in the women 's emancipation movement, which was profoundly embedded in the New Left, activists took an belligerent approach to their protests. Protests against sexism in the media vacillated from putting stickers saying "Sexist" on distasteful advertisements to embracing sit-ins at community media outlets, all the way to damage of newspaper offices p. 311. This method sometimes crossed the line into vulgarity, as at the 1968 sit-down outside the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, where activists avowed objectification of women by waving pejorative signs like "Up Against the Wall, Miss America." While the event fascinated widespread media coverage (and hurled the myth that feminists scorched bras), the approach was isolating. As a result, many activists determined to "stop using the 'in-talk ' of the New Left/Hippie movement" and make every effort to grasp familiar women throughout the country.
Stansell (2010) noted, consciousness raising groups became an operative way to do so; in lesser groups in local communities, women discovered topics such as family life, education, sex, and labor from their personal angles p. 312. As they united their stories, they set off to recognize themselves in relative to the patriarchal society they lived in, and they learnt their commonalities and assembled solidarity; as one said, "I set off to see myself as portion of a greater population of women. My conditions are not exceptional,…
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