The New Manager Needs A Coach Essay

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Case Study One: The New Manager Needs A Coach Flora Fauna is a new nurse manager for surgical services at Happy Days Hospital (HDH). As a take charge individual, Flora held a meeting with the staffs whom she oversees. During the meeting, she asked the staffs for suggestions on improving the unit. One of the staff suggested that she hired a full-time Register Nurse (RN). Flora decided that hiring a new RN is over budget and shut the idea down without considering it. In addition to shutting down the idea, she abruptly ended the meeting when she decided that no one was able to come up with any ideas. Ida Caresalot, Flora’s boss, overhears the meeting and suggested Flora consider a leadership coach. Flora agrees and in the process learned to be a better listener. Within this case study, both Flora and Ida are leaders. However, Ida is a more effective leader than Flora. As previously mentioned, Flora is a new nurse manager who is struggling with her new role and Ida is faced with Flora not being an effective nurse leader for her unit. Flora failed to listen to her staffs and automatically made assumption as to why she thinks the staffs are suggesting a full-time RN is needed. Although she started the meeting with good intention, she was not an effective listener. Therefore, she was not successful in accomplishing what she set out to do.

Case Study Two: Pray With Me The Vice President of Nursing Services in a community hospital received a complaint from a patient
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