The New Market Prevailing Under Globalization

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We see drastic changes in the world: the transition process from an industrial to a postindustrial economy has restructured everything. Such rearrangement of economic and social power is influencing society as well as business. The new market prevailing under globalization has changed the nature of business and the old ways of doing business no longer work. Only a worldwide corporation can adapt to this powerful socio-economic megatrend. Businessmen now exploit every opportunity to implement business growth strategies in order to increase firms’ competitiveness in these rapidly reshaping markets. Implementation of these strategies requires a lot of investments, and depends upon firms’ finances, competition and government regulations.…show more content…
Financial reporting is an important tool that helps to define the position of the company in the current market. Using this tool properly, management can make effective decisions regarding the company 's objectives and overall strategies. The financial reporting also provides vital information about the financial health and activities of the company to its stakeholders including its shareholders, potential investors, consumers, and government regulators. This project will focus on the evaluation of the financial performance of two merging manufacturing companies, Dent-Y Inc. and Sir-X Inc., which work in the dental equipment market. Both companies are international and operate globally. They manufacture and sell a range of dental equipment and products that help dental professionals serve patients ' oral health care, from preventive services to tooth replacement. Dent-Y Inc. and Sir-X Inc. are competitors in many segments of the dental market. Currently, the Boards of Directors of both companies have approved a definite merger agreement. This merger will create a combined company with the largest sales and service infrastructure in the dental industry, with 15,000 employees globally. The transaction, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of calendar year 2016, is subject to the receipt of regulatory approvals and
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