The New Metaphysics: Intervention Theory And Methods

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1. Why did you select these specific articles? a. The following are the three articles I focused on: i. Intervention Theory and Methods: This article focuses on understanding the importance of interventions and how it helps people make different choices. Hence, with the help of the intervenor a client can make decisions based on the desired change. It is necessary that the client has valid information, has the freedom to make their own choice, and commit to a long term change. ii. Change: The New Metaphysics- This article focuses on the different ways change occurs and the importance of creating change for the improvement of an organization. It is importance to have strong leaders that can win peoples trust and accomplish the organizations vision. iii. Transforming Organizations: Why Firms Fail- Research has demonstrated that significant change efforts have helped improve conditions and improve overall quality in organizations. Yet, this article discusses the many mistakes organizations make in order to improve situations in their work environment. Therefore, transforming organizations to adapt to new implementations can be extremely difficult if not everyone understands the overall vision. The reason I decided on these articles is because they demonstrate how…show more content…
Yes, these articles were relevant to my understanding of organizations. There are many changes occurring in organizations, along with many mistakes. The “Transforming Organization” article allows the reader to understand what common mistakes leaders make in the process and what one can do in order to prevent the mistakes. It is an extremely complex process, but with the proper structure and implementation it can lead to a successful outcome. Organizations must commit to have continuous improvement by reducing error, and making decisions that will continue to advance the health care organization efforts. Also, employees must work well together and build a culture of support in order to see
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