The New One Minute Manager Essay

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The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is the new edition business classic on managing your work and life. The book explores the same underlying principles as its original, however, updated in response to the rapidly changing world of business. Today’s organizations are required to respond faster, but with fewer resources and the challenge of advancing technology. In contrast to the old top-down management style, effective leadership is currently defined by more of a side-by-side relationship. Today, people are looking for a balance between their work and home lives, something the New One Minute Manager recognizes, and treats his employees accordingly.
The story is told from the point of view of a bright young man in search of a manager who could successfully lead and manage change. He wanted to work for and eventually become one, and so he spent many years traveling all over the world. He spoke with a wide variety of managers, but was rarely pleased with what he heard or saw. The “tough” managers ran profitable organizations at the expense of its workforce, and the opposite for those who he thought were “nice”. Just as he began to lose hope, the young man heard a story of a local manager whose employees enjoyed working with him and produced great results. To his surprise, the young man was able to schedule an immediate appointment.
The New One Minute Manager started off by stating that the corporation uses the same proven method, but in a new way.

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