The New Online Ordering System

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Intro to Computers As times change, companies will have to start changing as well. While the old system of ‘in-person’ customer service and ordering may have allowed the company to be more people friendly, this new system will cost the company less time dealing with each customer which will in turn allow for more customers to be served. On top of the online ordering, we will still keep a few employees at each store to maintain some aspect of direct customer relation. This will allow us to treat our customers in a way that best suits their demands, meets our budget and time ideals and keeps everyone happy while maintaining a steady flow of customer satisfaction. The company is currently looking into his new system because the sooner we convert to a technologically advanced workplace, the sooner the company can start treating new customers and expand safely and efficiently. The new online ordering system will give customers a full preview of our services, along with pricing options and discount offers. When customers do decide to make a purchase, the website will open a page that is secured by VeriSign, will have an online transaction processing schema and will prompt for their name, basic information, shipping address, payment option and billing information. Verification will be necessary for some of their more personal information, and if customers have any questions about the system, there will be hyperlinks at the bottom of every page that read, “Contact Us” and will
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