The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

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On September 19, 2015, I visited New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. The museum had many fascinating exhibits, pictures and artifacts. Before attending the museum, I imagined a large open room filled with many signs that said, “Do not touch,” however things were quite different. The museum was a small two-storage building that had a warm atmosphere and many antique features. One of the things that really intrigued me was the portion of the museum that discussed the use of Voodoo Potions as a part of many pharmacies in New Orleans during the 19th century. I had no prior knowledge about Voodoo before attending this museum. During my tour of the museum, I learned that in 19th Century New Orleans’s pharmacies sold Voodoo potions and powders. I also learned that Voodoo in New Orleans pharmacies began with a combination of African American culture and Catholicism. The voodoo healers, in contrary than what I thought, used herbs and even recommended molded bread for the treatment of syphilis even before penicillin was created. This was one of the most interesting parts of my visit because I didn’t expect a museum to openly discuss Voodoo. Before this museum visit, I had always expected it to be non-medical base, but from this museum I realized that some of it was actually based on real forms of medicine such as herbs and different forms of bacteria. Voodoo is not apart of my culture, but I do understand its existence and how it became apart of New Orleans pharmacies. Secondly, I was

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