The New Peach Valley Cafe West

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Move over Denny’s! Mainland Ormond Beach has a new brunch hot spot! Stonewood Holdings, LLC has opened a new Peach Valley Café location right in the heart of western Ormond Beach. This location is their sixth of their expanding Peach Valley Café family in the Shoppes of Tuscany Center on Granada Boulevard. If you want a fantastic brunch in a bright location with some energetic people you’ll have to try Peach Valley Café West! I have worked for three decades in the service industry right here in central Florida. For that entire time I have spent a lot of time on both sides of the table – as both patron and service professional. I have worked and dined at some really great restaurants and some not so hot establishments. Food has…show more content…
On our most recent our waitress was Chelsea. She told us about the seasonal specials which included pumpkin pancakes that sound almost decadent. Chelsea made sure to keep up with our thirst and even apologized for a delay in our food coming out of the kitchen. The kitchen brigade is in the fine tuning process to bring out the well-oiled machine a professional kitchen should operate at. They also know how to help keep a child occupied with free wifi and wikki sticks in their kid’s menus. We started our meal out with their delicious apple fritters. Fresh apples are diced up every morning and then folded into fritter dough and then deep fried. Once the fritters are cooked to a beautiful golden brown they are tossed into a paper lunch sack full of cinnamon sugar and shaken to remove the excess oil and give them a tasty cinnamon coating. Chelsea poured the fritters onto a plate with a strawberry yogurt with a hint of brown sugar to dip them in. These delicious fritters are like starting your meal in reverse as it feels like dessert and not an appetizer. The breakfast menu is loaded with favorites from around the country with something to please everyone from a New York style bagel with smoked salmon to western skillets to southern buttermilk biscuits and gravy and even staples like French toast, pancakes and fluffy waffles. Last Sunday I chose to embark on the traditional American breakfast favorite of eggs benedict.
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