The New Perspective On Paul

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The New Perspective on Paul is mainly about redefining the understanding of Justification by faith through re-reading of narratives on Second Temple Judaism. NPP proposes that Judaism was a religion of grace, however, NPP strictly challenges the traditional Reformation view for doctrine of Justification. NPP insists the understanding of the phrase “ works of the Law” is only to refer the boundary marking practices of Judaism rather than used them as means for salvation. E. P. Sanders, James D. G. Dunn, and N. T. Wright stand as monumental figures in scholarship on Pauline theology and are main proponents. Their prolific writings on Pauline theology are to redefine the justification by faith through the mirror of NPP. Nevertheless, their proposals contain errors and stand in sharp contrast with the apostolic teaching of Justification by faith alone as only means for salvation. The New Perspective argues that the traditional Reformation practice of reading Paul’s polemic against Judaism in Galatians and Romans has led to a misunderstanding of the apostle’s doctrine of justification. Further, they insist, the Justification is not about how the sinner finds a gracious God. Instead, it is about how to tell who is in the community of the saved and who isn’t. The Anglican Bishop N. T. Wright in his works on Pauline epistles states-“Justification” in the first century was not about how someone might establish a relationship with God. Rather, it was about God’s
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