The New Perspective On Paul

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The New Perspective on Paul is a view which reexamines the first century context in which Paul wrote and thus certain messages he conveys in his Epistles. It challenges the traditional views on various doctrines drawn from Paul’s writings during the Reformation, suggesting the Reformers were incorrect in their interpretations. While the New Perspective on Paul is certainly thought provoking and even brings up some good points regarding historical context, the Church should treat it with caution and not regard it as a replacement for the traditional views of justification, righteousness, or salvation. ﰀ• Major NPP Scholars & Their Publications E.P. Sanders authored the book which spurred the questioning of the traditional view of Paul’s…show more content…
Dunn is also a proponent of the New Perspective on Paul. It was he who gave the name ‘The New Perspective on Paul’ to the view asserted by Sanders, while also adding his own conclusions about Second Temple Judaism to the growing concept. In 1983 he published an article titled The New Perspective on Paul in which he argued that Paul’s problem with Judaism was Jewish nationalism rather than legalism, in contrast to the notions asserted by the Reformers (Williams ‘What is’). Along with Sanders and Dunn, N.T. Write is also a scholar of the New Testament who holds and supports the views of the New Perspective, albeit with his own additions. Twenty years after the publication of Paul and Palestinian Judaism, Write published his own work on the subject; What Saint Paul Really Said. What sets Write apart from Sanders and Dunn is his assertion that the curse found in Deuteronomy 27-29 was still in effect against Israel in the first century, manifested by the Roman rule of Palestine. It is this exile and curse that the Messiah came to end, in addition to fulfilling the one and only Covenant, in the view of Write (Write, Justification 60, 95). ‘Thus…Pauline theology and justification by faith have less to do with the individual and their problem with sin…than with the plight of the Jewish nation as a whole’ (Williams ‘What Is’). ﰀ• Major Tenets of the NPP The primary claim of the New Perspective is that Judaism in the first century was not a legalistic, merit-based
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