The New Pokemon League Champion, Ash, And His Partner

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No sooner did the new pokemon league champion, Ash, and his partner, Pikachu, get off off their flight in Palot Town that they went to pay a visit to their old friend Professor Oak. It had been a long time since they last spoke to each other. As they neared the house, Ash could see Oak 's lab in the horizon. Whack! Ash was knocked forward by a sprinting figure with spiky hair who was also on his way to Professor Oak’s. The boy looked back and said, “Later, Ash”. It was Gary Oak, the professor’s grandson, and not one of Ash’s favorite people. Ash never liked the way Gary bragged. He seemed untrustworthy to Ash. “Hey, Gary!” Ash yelled as he started running after him. Ash wanted Gary to stop and answer some questions. When they both arrived at the doorstep of Professor Oak’s lab, Gary rushed in saying he couldn’t wait to tell his grandfather about meeting one of the four elite members the Pokemon League from Kalos Region. Ash asked which member it was. Gary said, “I don’t know, but his Pokemon were water types.” “It must have been Siebold,” Ash said in a perky voice and starting to feel excited for Gary. It’s not everyday that someone has the honor of meeting one of the elite. Ash said, “I wondered where he went after I beat him. So, yeah, I 'm the new champion of the Kalos region. That’s why I came to visit your grandfather, to tell him. ” From across the room came the sound of the professor’s voice. “I heard there was a new champion in Kalos, I just

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