The New Pow Wow Step Essay

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Postmedia News released an article named "A Tribe Called Red Bring Culture, Politics to Club Music" in November 5, 2012 by a Stuart Derdeyn. The article presents a view into the underground world of "Pow Wow Step", which is a recently new trend in genre due to the popularity of electronic music .This recent genre is presented by a group named in the title, A Tribe Called Red (or ATCR) are involved in the intricacy of traditional views of Native culture and contemporary views, which incorporates both of these elements by having the perspective of the concept that culture has to evolve with the change that we have in our modern era. The group approaches their music with the intent to blend their cultures, there is no "'either/or' that asks…show more content…
This could be understandable from a certain view, perhaps from the older generations, who hold on to their ways and do not realize the changes in the culture around them. I personally have encountered this in my own tribe (Navajo), when a group of Navajo rappers began to perform in their native language at public events; it was both embraced and denied (mostly by the older age bracket). The music earned its authenticity in some ways, such as introducing non-natives to our culture and exposing the language to the younger generations, who have lost it. It seemed to have gained a new type of authenticity as something new to both young and old audiences. I observe that ATCR is something similar, that it will be readily accepted by the electronic groups, because of the genres already existing diversity, and accepted by the traditional means by being something new and apart of the culture. The group embraces "urban" living as well as where they grew up, and acknowledge both cultures as a part of who each member are and know their identity and embrace it by creating music, and performing it. ATCR concede that there is a difference in identity by establishing some boundaries between dance music ("jingle dance") and sacred songs ("honor songs") to cause no "disrespect" to their traditions . They see the traditions that must hold and they seem to also see the definition of their culture changing, and they are a part of it. And the group seeks out to educate
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