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1.1. General Description of Work 3
1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid 3
1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities 4
1.4. Location of Work 4
1.5. Pre-Bid Meeting 4
1.6. Owner Contact for Questions 5
1.7. Pre-Award Surveys 5
1.8. Sealed Bid Requirements 5
1.9. Basis for Bid Evaluation 5
1.10. Ethical Standards 5
1.11. Responsibility for Surety Bonds 6
1.12. Proposal Format 6
1.13. List of Bidders 7
1.14. Letter of Acknowledgment 7
2.1. Engineering Contracts 7
2.2. Construction Contracts 8
3.1. Breakdown of Bid Price 8
3.2. Revisions and Extra Work 9
3.3. Escalation Formulas 9
3.4. Scheduled Completion Dates 9
3.5. List of
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Pre-Bid Meeting
A pre-bid meeting will be held on Friday, October 13, 2006 @ 8:00 AM to explain this request (RFP) for proposal and answer bidder questions. The meeting will be held at the Sports Field, Inc. main office located at 23 McKinney Street, Houston, Texas, one block from the City Hall.
5 The Official Cite of Houston
1.6. Owner Contact for Questions
A designated representative or contact person of a company must be specified at the pre-bid meeting and within the submitted offer. All communication regarding this RFP, including answers to questions and notification of award will be directed to the designated representative in writing via email and posted on the website at
1.7. Pre-Award Surveys (N/A)
1.8. Sealed Bid Requirements
There will be no public opening of offers and all offers will be confidential until the award has been made. However, Sports Field, Inc. may release proposals to a support contractor to assist in the evaluation of offers.
1.9. Basis for Bid Evaluation
a) The contract award will be based on two main criteria:
1) the best price for a quality architectural design and
2) a feasible schedule that will conform to the construction schedule milestone dates and completion date.
b) Sports Field, Inc. reserves the right to make multiple awards.
c) Sports Field, Inc. reserves the right to choose between different architectural drawings and
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